Official Opening of the Jack Pouchot Building at Westminster City School by HRH The Duke of Kent on 8th May 2018

Official Opening of the Jack Pouchot Building at Westminster City School by HRH The Duke of Kent on 8th May 2018

The £6million Jack Pouchot building has been officially opened by HRH The Duke of Kent KG.  It was built by Neilcott Construction in partnership with Westminster City Council and their Architects 3BM Ltd and the United Westminster Schools’ Foundation. The new state-of-the-art building will allow Westminster City School to create additional places in 2019. It will also improve the music, art and drama spaces and provide additional multi-function teaching spaces.  The top floor houses the Head Office of the United Westminster Schools and the Grey Coat Hospital Foundation which administers five-high performing schools. Trustees/Governors meetings are held in the splendid new Board Room. The Foundation Office was originally on the School site until 20 years’ ago and office staff have welcomed the opportunity of returning “home”.

The building is named after  Jack Pouchot whose story is one of gallantry, bravery and the ultimate self sacrifice. He was a former pupil of the School who died in 1918 at the age of 19.  He was the youngest recipient ever of the Distinguished Conduct Medal for bravery.


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