The Grey Coat Hospital

Grey Coat Hospital

The Grey Coat Hospital

“We are a Church of England school with strong values, committed to ensuring that every student is known as a person, develops the knowledge, skills and qualities to lead successful and fulfilling lives, and is empowered to do so.
I am proud to lead a dedicated and talented team of professionals who offer the students a rich and challenging learning journey, which enables them to develop a love of learning and fulfil their potential.

We believe that languages are the key to the future, and that proficiency in a foreign language will give our students the linguistic skills and the appreciation and understanding of different cultures, which will open doors for them.

At The Grey Coat Hospital, we aim to be the very best school for our students. We are committed to excellent professional development for all staff to enable us to achieve the highest standards in everything we do, and to maintain a reflective, creative and dynamic environment in which all our students may thrive.”

Siân Maddrell, Headteacher

Church of England school and Specialist Language College offering a challenging educational experience for girls from 11 to 18, and for boys in the Sixth Form. Rated as outstanding by Ofsted in 2009.

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