Gender Pay Gap Report at April 2018

Gender Pay Gap Report at April 2018



United Westminster Schools Foundation

As an employer with over 250 employees, United Westminster Schools Foundation (UWSF) is pleased to publish its gender pay report for April 2018. The data below represents aggregated information from three elements of the organisation (UWSF head office, Emanuel School and Sutton Valence School) as they combine to form the legal employer (UWSF).

In line with the regulations, this report includes the difference between the mean and median hourly rates of pay for male and female employees. It also includes the proportions of male and female employees in each of four equal pay quartiles. UWSF does not pay bonuses, so the requirement to report on bonuses is not applicable.

The key results are as follows:

Mean gender pay gap:             18.46%

Median gender pay gap:          20.03%

For comparison, the current national mean gender pay gap is 17.9% (2018).

Proportions of male and female employees in each quartile are as follows:

Gender Gap

UWSF is committed to ensuring that staff in each area of the organisation are treated fairly.

The published data above is required to combine the information from the three elements of UWSF. The detail for the schools and their pay arrangements, staffing structures and labour markets will be considered by each relevant governing body to ensure that recruitment, selection, promotion and progression processes work to reduce the pay gap where possible.