Westminster City School

Westminster City School

Westminster City School

“Westminster City School is a Christian school for pupils of all abilities and aspiring to standards of excellence at all levels. Our ethos of faith underpins everything that we do as an academic centre and as a community.
Our pupils are polite and respectful; our lessons are engaging and challenging. The school prides itself on being traditional in all the best ways whilst being innovative at the same time. This is borne out by the overwhelmingly positive comments that are made by visitors to the school.

We have five year groups of 140 boys per year and a mixed sixth form of 140 students. Part of our mission statement is to exhort pupils to achieve their full potential in all their endeavours. We expect all our pupils and students to try their hardest at everything they do and strive for excellence.

Pupils have talents across the curriculum. At Westminster City School we identify a pupil’s individual talents and strengths and encourage them to achieve to the best of their ability whether this is in the arts or sciences, mathematics or sport, languages or music. Once pupils and students leave Westminster City School we are proud that they have developed into well-rounded individuals ready to face the challenges of an ever-changing and increasingly competitive world.

We offer a broad curriculum, encourage independent learning and have a rich extra-curricular programme. Last year the school achieved its best GCSE results since league tables were introduced and we expect an even greater improvement for 2014. We are proud of being a ‘good’ school but are determined to drive up standards to become an ‘outstanding’ school in the near future.”

Peter Broughton MTheol, Headmaster

The main building was opened in 1877 and the school was given its present name in 1890. Westminster City is a nondiocesan, voluntary aided boys’ all-ability school with a mixed sixth form. Westminster City has particularly strong links with St Margaret’s Church, Westminster Abbey. In its long and rich history, the school has had strong roots in the educational heritage of the cities of Westminster and London and continues to be supported by the United Westminster Schools’ Charity whose resources are dedicated to the enhancement of educational provision for its students, in the spirit of the original bequests of its many benefactors.

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