Emanuel School

Emanuel School

Emanuel School

“Emanuel is a school with a long and distinguished history.

The school was founded in 1594 by Lady Dacre and, unusually, was co-educational from the very beginning. Lady Dacre’s original vision for the foundation was ‘for the bringing up of children in virtue and good and laudable arts so that they might better live in time to come by their honest labour’ and she initially made provision for twenty students: ten girls and ten boys.

Today, Emanuel remains fully co-educational, but has grown in size to over 900 students and our aims have become bolder and broader. Nowadays we foster a thirst for knowledge and a real commitment to learning. We teach our students to communicate in an articulate, informed and confident manner. We show our students what it means to take responsibility. We encourage them to develop a strong moral code with the ability to make informed judgements about what is right and wrong. We foster respect and good behaviour. We promote the importance of caring for others and we endeavour to teach our students important skills for later life: social, physical and practical.”

Robert Milne MA, Headmaster

Emanuel is a co-educational independent day school.

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